Structural Cabling

As a leading Muscat, Oman Structured Cabling Company, we can save you a lot of headaches with regards to installing, moving, changes, rearrangements, and upgrades.
Why Structured Cabling Is Important?
The cabling in your office will most likely outlast your entire network and when done right can support multiple systems, such as voice, data, video, and multimedia. Our Structured Cabling team in Oman will assess your cabling needs and devise a hope for installing a cabling answer that can grow with your company.
No More Embarrassing Server Rooms
Are your servers stuck in a corner somewhere, an eyesore for anyone that happens to walk by? Grey hoopoe, a top Structured Cabling in Muscat, Oman, can straighten out the wiring and nest of cables that are currently found in your "server room" and construct a more physically secure environment for all of your infrastructure hardware. Physical security is one of the most often overlooked risks in a company's network. A experienced Structured Cabling Company in Oman, like Grey hoopoe, can design a resolution for you that will be aesthetically pleasing while still providing the required accessibility needed for your environment.
Our Expertize in Structured Cabling
As one of the oldest network cabling contractors in Muscat Oman, there is little we haven’t seen or done when it comes to installing Category 3, 5e, 6 and 6A copper and single and multimode fiber optic structured cabling systems for a variety of voice and data equipment platforms, from the early days of mainframe computers and PBXs to today’s Voice-Over-IP and 10 gigabit per second networks.
We handle projects of all sizes, from the simplest service call to the most demanding construction project. Our veteran team of designers & project managers are well versed in, and strictly adhere to all the latest EIA/TIA, BICSI, IEEE and National Electric Code standards and practices and all installation services are performed by skilled technicians. All installations are fully tested and certified using the latest test equipment available from Fluke Networks.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber Optic as your backbone will increase bandwidth availability to meet the demand for voice and data infrastructures. It is a fast and secure way to connect floors, offices, and even buildings together. our expertise in this specialized environment has long been recognized by major fiber optic cable manufacturers.
Fiber optic cable installation and splicing company in Oman
In our unique business model, we provide a wide variety of both technical services and custom manufactured products to meet your needs. Our technical services include fiber optic network design, field installation services indoor & outdoor, sub-contracting support.
Our product offering includes custom fiber assemblies for any application in Oman.
And do you know? we are one of the best Fiber Optic cable splicing expert in Muscat, Oman.
What you can expect from BET?
Our staff has years of combined experience in technical design, installation, manufacturing and consulting on state-ofthe- art optical systems so it’s easy to see that our passion is fiber optics and why Misurata should be your solutions partner for the next generation. We now invite you to discover more about how we can serve you.
Customers can benefit from Fiber Optic Services’ vast experience by calling upon our consulting services during initial planning stages. Our full service menu includes design engineering, budgeting, inspections, acceptance testing documentation & certification.
Ready for high speed fiber optic networks?
High-speed optical fiber product family now includes OM4 MTP Plug and Play assemblies, fiber cable, pre-terminated trunk cable assemblies and fiber jumpers.
New OM4 Plug and Play fiber cable assemblies, pre-terminated duplex trunking cables and traditional field-terminated cable and connectivity provide an extended distance multimode option for 10Gb/s as well future-proof migration options for 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s application speeds.

Telephone Cabling

We have experienced technicians. they are our strength we also have latest parts and accessories readily available.
Telephone cabling all around Oman
Telephone services are crucial for any business that needs to stay connected with its customers, business partners and suppliers. Without a concrete and effective means for communication within and outside an organisation, a business would not be able to operate well.
Telephone systems as per your needs
With a variety of telephone systems in the market, it may be complex to pick the one that offers functionalities in sync with your requirements. Businesses facilities across Muscat and Oman suburbs can use Private Branch Exchange (PBX), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Key Systems or Hybrid Key Systems for their telephone set up. The factors that need to be considered include – number of telephone extensions required, frequency of usage, kind of calls to be made (internal, local, national or international), and budget for rental and call charges.
This is exactly where our team comes to your rescue. Our technicians have years of experience in installation and maintenance of telephone systems and we understand the relative benefits of different systems for a business. We also offer you useful tips on cutting down your phone bills and on improving the durability of your telephone systems.
If your business is moving to a new premise, let us take care of the relocation of your existing telephone lines and equipment. Being specialists in cabling works and office relocation services, we will ensure a seamless and smooth transition to your new workplace. Irrespective of the size of your enterprise or employee strength, we deliver customized solutions for your telephone cabling through out Oman.
The range of telephone system solutions at Greyhoopoe Telecommunication covers:
Clear and timely communication with clients, vendors and business associates is integral to the success of your enterprise and we provide you the support that you need for this. Greyhoopoe Telecommunication Services, Muscat, Oman as your partner for telephone system solutions and we will always delight you with the best that modern technology can offer.
  1. Modification and upgrades of existing telephone systems
  2. Repairs of existing telephone cabling infrastructure
  3. Phone system relocation
  4. Telephone line jumpering
  5. Installation of BackboneTie Cables
  6. Installation of additional phone sockets
  7. Data cabling and sockets installation
  8. ADSL connection and repairs
  9. MDF line connections

Data Center Cabling

Data Center is considered the “brains” of your business, the effort put into designing it must be thorough, and the building process should be well thought out and carefully prepared
Bad cabling can destroy your business
An effective design, professional installation, and reliability are all key aspects of a great data center infrastructure in Muscat, Oman. Without one of these aspects, your business sits perched precariously on the edge of failure.
Regardless of the size of your business, we can design and construct a data center layout that is safe and reliable in Muscat, Oman. We specialize in data center cabling and equipment. Whether your business is big or small, your design may require various sets of data center cabinets that house the important equipment used to run your business.
In order for these devices to communicate efficiently and successfully, large amounts of cabling are required. If your cabling is low quality or installed improperly, your devices are unable to communicate effectively, and your business suffers.
Careful Preparation and Planning - Data Center Cabling
Every decision you make for your business should be well thought out and planned. We take your data center cabling needs seriously, and treat your business as we would our own. Our services include careful preparation and complete follow through of several important phases.
  1. Design
  2. Construction
  3. Review
  4. Acceptance
We focus on the proper principals of planning, building, and controlling every data center project to ensure success for every customer. Our qualified engineers work closely with you as we design and build your data center, ensuring that your opinions are included every step of the way. Before we start the installation, we make sure to get your approval and acceptance to guarantee your satisfaction.

Electrical Cabling

BET has an Electrical Cabling Contracting division, with many contracting works going on, registered in Oman since 2002 and have been executing contracts of all kinds in Design, Utilities & Infrastructure scope all around in the Muscat, Oman. We maintain high standards of quality at par with industry standards to provide best results to our customers. Hence, the strategic and reliable services provided by us help you to optimize operations and profit to the maximum.
What you can expect from BET?
Electricity is not a luxury but a necessity of life. Our electricians work 24 hours around the clock to make sure you, your family or your business have power when you need it.
Our core electrical services are: Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Services.
We are fully licensed. We employ professional electricians that will provide you with a quality service when you need it. We rely on our customer reviews and feedback to improve the quality of our electrical services in Muscat, Oman.
Residential Electrical Works
Following are the major residential electrical works we undertake.
  1. Upgrade panel
  2. Increase power (like from 80 to 300 amp)
  3. Installation lighting systems
  4. Network wiring and voice networks
  5. New structures
  6. Short-Term Power
  7. Additional Electric circuit
Commercial Electrical Works
Following are the major commercial electrical works we undertake.
  1. Project Build
  2. Power Supply & Delivery
  3. Structure Lighting
  4. Lighting Upgrade
  5. Power Security
  6. Electrical Safety Systems
  7. Intercom & Alarm
Industrial Electrical Works
Following are the major industrial electrical works we undertake.
  1. Transformer
  2. Power Systems
  3. Electrical Power Distribution
  4. Grounding Procedure
  5. Engines Controls
  6. Lighting Protection
  7. Structure Lighti